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GravityStone® Tradition

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So Simple, It's Advanced:

GravityStone® Tradition is 1 product that utilizes 2 structural systems, empowering designers and contractors with 6 structural solutions


  • GravityStone® Core is an SRW system designed to construct MSE and small gravity structures 

  • GravityStone® Modular SRW components can build large gravity structures without utilizing geogrid

  • GravityStone® Hybrid design solutions can be created by interconnecting the 2 systems

  • GravityStone® Slide Stop is the solution for narrow footprint, poor soil sites

  • GravityStone® BarrierWall creates double-sided, free-standing walls, fences, and parapets

Maximize the potential of YOUR building site.

Two Structural Systems

GravityStone® Tradition Core

Providing solutions to a variety of site needs, and project requirements.

  • Easily construct durable earth retainage

  • Concave, Convex, and 90° Corners

  • Vertical or Battered walls using the Reversible Alignment Plug (RAP)

  • Used in conjunction with geosynthetic allows durable Mechanically Stabilized Embankment walls

GravityStone® Tradition Modular

The ultimate Stack-n-Fill system.

  • No Geotextile Required

  • Simple and Fast to Build

  • Requires Less Excavation

  • Vertical or Battered Walls using the Reversible Alignment Plug (RAP)

  • Concave, Convex and 90° Corners

  • Create Fences, Pillars, and Planters with the same components

The Structural Systems




M.S.E. Over Modular


Modular Over M.S.E.

Advanced Applications

Lateral Hybrid

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