GravityStone Edge®

GravityStone Edge - Master Park Seattle

So Simple it's Advanced

An earth retention system that provides solutions to a

variety of site needs and project requirements


  • Six Structural Solutions

  • Two Reinforcement Systems

  • One Product


Improving SRW Solutions:

  • 33% more product and 15% less weight than traditional
    one square foot SRW’s

  • GravityStone Edge® is more economic and flexible
    than other SRW or machine-laid products.

  • Build as MSE (geogrid), Modular or Hybrid
    retainment systems

  • Requires Less Excavation

  • Vertical or Battered Walls

  • Concave, Convex and 90° Corners

  • Create Fences, Pillars, and Planters with the
    same components

  • Optional Face Textures and Geometry



  • Reversible Alignment Plug (RAP)

  • Concrete Alignment Nub (CAN)